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Things You Need to Hear Most is a collection of poetry and notes that are rooted in self-love. This collection serves as a powerful reminder of the fact that you are more powerful than you know. You are a gift and your existence helps to shape the world in a way that is so magical and can only be brought about by you alone. All you need to do is be yourself.


"If you're looking for honesty and vulnerability, this collection will give you both. A beautiful book of growth and self-love."

- Alexandra Elle, Author of After the Rain


"As you work through cultivating a more powerful and meaningful relationship with yourself, Things You Need To Hear Most is a perfect companion. Samukele speaks directly to the soul and spirit as she describes and shares the process of coming home to ourselves and as we learn to trust ourselves to be so much more than we ever could have imagined. These poems are necessary reading for anyone looking to deepen their relationship to self, and to their own truth."

- Komal Minhas, Interviewer + Educator

Signed copy of "Things you Need to Hear Most"

SKU: 9781777445201
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