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Things You Need to Hear Most, a collection of poetry and notes rooted in self-love, by Samukele Ncube, is now available for purchase on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Chapters!

Blue and Yellow Illustrative School and

"If you’re looking for honesty and vulnerability, this collection will give you both. A beautiful book of growth and self-love."

- Alexandra Elle, Author of After the Rain

In her debut collection of poetry and notes, rooted in self-love, Samukele Ncube, offers readers the reassurance that they matter and they have something important to bring into the world.

The words in this book will give you the courage to follow your own unique path by listening to

the gentle guidance of your inner guiding voice and tune out the noise of worldly expectations.

Things You Need to Hear Most is now available for sale in softcover and eBook formats through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters.