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Things You Need to Hear Most, a collection of poetry and notes rooted in self-love, by Samukele Ncube, is now available for purchase on Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Chapters!

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"If you’re looking for honesty and vulnerability, this collection will give you both. A beautiful book of growth and self-love."

- Alexandra Elle, Author of After the Rain

In her debut collection of poetry and notes, rooted in self-love, Samukele Ncube, offers readers the reassurance that they matter and they have something important to bring into the world.

The words in this book will give you the courage to follow your own unique path by listening to

the gentle guidance of your inner guiding voice and tune out the noise of worldly expectations.

Things You Need to Hear Most is now available for sale in softcover and eBook formats through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Chapters.

"As you work through cultivating a more powerful and meaningful relationship with yourself, Things You Need To Hear Most is a perfect companion. Samukele speaks directly to the soul and spirit as she describes and shares the process of coming home to ourselves and as we learn to trust ourselves to be so much more than we ever could have imagined. These poems are necessary reading for anyone looking to deepen their relationship to self, and to their own truth."

- Komal Minhas, Interviewer + Educator

"As an avid reader and creator of poetry and inspirational writing myself, this book was a welcome exploration of the self-love journey through Sam’s eyes. And yet, I felt completely seen and heard as I found myself lost in the world that her words created for me.


It’s the kind of book you can read all in one sitting or flip to a random page and read just the thing you need to hear in that moment but couldn’t find the words to express. My own self-love journey started when I realized that the things about myself that I thought needed to be changed or fixed were also the things that made me unique. By sharing those parts of myself I was most afraid of, I learned to be brave with my life so other people could be brave with theirs. And this book is such a perfect example of that.


So brew yourself a fresh pot of coffee or tea, tuck yourself in, and give yourself the gift of letting these words wash over you. I promise you won’t regret it."

- Nigel Walker, Yoga Teacher + Personal Discovery Facilitator

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